To make life easier at Winterland MK all our attractions are going to be cashless and payable using the tappit card top-up system.  So how does this work?

When you arrive at Winterland MK, make your way to the clearly signposted Ticket Office where you can collect your tappit card. Here you simply and easily top-up with any numerical amount, £1, £5, £10, £50, £100, the choice is yours. The tappit card (which is the size of a credit card) can then be used on all the attraction rides; zipwire, snowzone, bungee, dodgems, chairoplane, ferris wheel, mirror-maze, hook-a-duck, sizzler etc. And, if you’re opting for a light dusting of festival magic, you can use tappit to pay for fabulous face painting and glitter at Starlight Boutique.

In addition, if you haven’t pre-booked Ice Skating, Santa’s Grotto, Pet’s Grotto, Mermaid Cove or Winterland Play via our website, you can pay on the day quickly and easily with your tappit card. So Simple!

The only places you can’t use the tappit card and will need your bank card or cash, are the food and drink vendors and chalet shops in the Bavarian Market.

If you have teenagers or kids who don’t have a bank card, then the tappit card is a neat solution and allows you to control their spend. In fact tappit is great because it speeds up the whole payment process by up to an estimated 80% leaving you and your family more time to enjoy your visit!

What it does