Whipped cakes, cup-cakes, cakes in jars, cake popsicles.  You name it Chelyene and her husband David are preparing to whip up a storm at Winterland MK this Christmas!

What began as a hobby 5 years ago has now turned into a brilliant baking business. And the lovely thing about Whipped Cakes is that all their ingredients are natural, there are no preservatives and every delicacy is prepared with love from their Northampton home.  “One of our most popular cakes for kids is our popsicles which are cake and butter cream moulds dipped in chocolate, not too sweet just yummy” says Cheylene. There are other unusual delicacies too like cakes in glass jars with ribbons, plus there’ll be lots of Christmas sweetness, brandy butter and fruit cake variations to try.  Be sure to pop along to our Bavarian Market to check out these delights and many more – 22nd November to the 24 December.