We’re delighted that showman and stall holder Joe Remblance is on board and part of the Winterland MK family.  Joe has been in the entertainment business his whole life and comes from four generations of fairground showmen and stallholders.  His great grandad introduced The Skyliner to the Victorian public; a prototype Ferris Wheel which wowed the public as far afield as Scotland.

This Christmas, Joe will be supplying Winterland MK with some premium bratwurst sausages, imported from Germany.  Joe’s German sausages are the very best because they’re made from finely minced pork or beef which are cooked on a charcoal, then served with traditional sauerkraut, sweet mustard sauce or that festive must have; ketchup-curry sauce – delicious.!

Put that date in your diary 22 November to 5 January to come and sample some of Joe’s sausage – you won’t be disappointed!